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Free Folder Lock 1.3

Free Folder Lock is an encryption tool that locks and hides folders
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Free Folder Lock is an encryption software that locks, encrypts, and hides folders. The application can be used to hide and encrypt files and folders in hard disks, USB drives, and any other portable storage devices.

Using Free Folder Lock is easy. Its simplified interface makes it easy to navigate, regardless of how computer-literate you are. To encrypt a file or folder, you simply click the 'encrypt data' button and select the file or directory that you want to protect. You will then be prompted to select a password for your encrypted file. Once your file is encrypted, the icon will change to a lock, and it won’t be able to be opened until you entered the correct password.

In addition to encrypting and locking data, you can also choose to disguise any folder or file. The process is similar to encryption, and the result is that the icon of disguised folders turns into a recycle bin, printer folder, network dialing folder, or network neighborhood. Disguised folders can’t be recovered unless they are 'undisguised' through the program.

Free Folder Lock is a simple solution to keep your personal data private. It is especially useful if you’re transporting data between computers or working on a PC that is shared by many different users.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy and quick way to lock and hide sensitive data
  • Works with files and folders
  • GUI is user friendly


  • It isn't free as advertised; the trial version allows you hide or encrypt only one folder
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